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Get started

A Viber Public Account is a channel for our partner brands and companies to reach users on Viber. Public Accounts offer a suite of tools with multiple ways of reaching your users. Reach your followers on Viber through Public Chat, private messaging, bots, sponsored stickers or by customizing your info screen.

Please note: In order to build a bot for Viber you must have a Public Account.

Start creating a Public Account

A Public Account can contain all or a combination of a Public Chat, 1-on-1 messaging through a CRM or bot, and a customizable info screen, depending on your needs.

You must have Viber activated on your mobile before you can create a Public Account. Your application will be rejected automatically if you do not have a Viber account.

Apply for a Public Account now.

Once your application is approved, you will receive an email inviting you to start creating your Public Account:

  1. Tap on the link in your acceptance message to access the Admin Panel and complete creating your account
  2. Additional help and information can be found in the support site

Connect a solution to a Public Account

We offer several options for connecting bots and CRMs to Public Accounts:

Viber API

Use the API documentation to learn how to add a bot to your account. Once you’re done, you will be able to communicate with your users through the bot.

Public Account bot guidelines

Before you publish your Public Account, you must be able to demonstrate that it meets our requirements. Please check that your bot contains the following.

Bot details



Publish your Public Account

When everything is in place, you are ready to publish your Public Account. Tap on Publish account in the edit screen.

Sharing the Public Account with Viber users

Your Public Account is only publicly visible once it has been published and has more than 6 followers. Upon creation you can share your account with others using Viber’s share button. You can also create a deep link using your account’s URI. This deep link can be used to share your Public Account with users in Viber and across other platforms.

Viber offers a discover section where accounts enjoy increased exposure and engagement. Your account must be published to appear on the discover screen.